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poetry of Emily Isaacson


                           When we are fearful, we have forgotten our destiny.

                                                         --Emily Isaacson    

Emily Isaacson was born December 11, 1975 in Windsor, Ontario and grew up in Victoria, B.C., Canada.  She is both Scottish and British (on the maternal side) and German, (on the paternal side).

altThe Poet of St. Clare, her work originates in British Columbia, near the Poor Clare convent and Westminster Abbey`s Seminary of Christ the King, where she spent five years collecting her life work, The Fleur-de-lis, three volumes of over 800 poems.   

Emily Isaacson began writing poetry at age ten, where she lived on Vancouver Island. She was first published at age thirteen for her poem, "The Wild Madonna". She won various awards in high school for her poetry, as well as dance and music. She was a member of a performing arts troupe that travelled around with dance performances including ballet, Israeli dancing and other choreographed dance forms. She travelled across Europe at age 16 on a performing arts tour and visited seven countries, most notably Germany.

Isaacson has now published thirteen books of poetry (containing over 1700 individual poems and hundreds of prose-poems), as well as photography, and a children's book. She was studied in 2016 by McMaster University as one of Canada's authors.

Isaacson was nominated for the following:  the Community Achievement Award in 2010, an Arty Award in Literary Arts in 2013, the Christine Caldwell Award for Outstanding Arts Advocate Award in 2015, the Lifestyle in the Arts Award in 2020, an Arty Award in Literary Arts in 2021.

She is an honourary member of the Federation of Canadian Poets, as well as a member of the Mission Arts Council, the Abbotsford Arts Council, The Fraser Valley Poets Society, and is a lifetime member of Cambridge Who's Who. 

Isaacson founded the Wild Lily Institute. Isaacson has trained in languages, and is bilingual. She studied Creative Writing and French at university level. She also studied Restorative Justice and Social Work. She inspires her readers in skills of conflict resolution, circle keeping, and healing through forgiveness. Her themes include the sea, healing, forgiveness, and reparation.