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Emily Isaacson, poet



velvet night, 

oh, swans upon thy wood.
- Emily Isaacson, The Fleur-de-lis

Beside The Golden Door




Arsenic: 58 Distressed Sonnets by Emily Isaacson

Find out everything you wanted to know about

Emily Isaacson's collection of 58 distressed sonnets by Potter's House Press. 

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Emily's Popular Poetry


Purdys Chocolates in Canada opted to send Emily Isaacson four boxes of chocolates to celebrate her new work Arsenic. They think that Emily's poetry is as popular as Purdys Chocolatier - Sweet Georgia Browns.


Local Reading at The Book Man


Emily Isaaacson read her poetry at The Book Man bookstore

in Chilliwack on Friday, June 8, 2018

Now you can get your copy of her Commemorative Edition book Hallmark

at their Chilliwack store.


Emily's Best Poem


Last Words From A Weaver's Basket

There was a garden for a mile

just for you and me;

sit with me for awhile,

while the lilies weave by the sea.


By the mossy shore, the ocean sighs,

where a covert cove hides,

its fingers upon the harpsichord;

resplendent is the light through the plank boards.


Wait with me for a tear

while I echo here—

spirits weaving a basket into a braid,

sit here, while I am afraid. 


--Emily Isaacson, Hallmark

Read more of Emily Isaacson's poem here.


What inspires the poetry?


Emily Isaacson's poetry draws its inspiration from many sources, but one of her favourites is the medieval clothing company Armstreet. Visit Armstreet here


Elizabeth Barett Browning

Albert Chevallier Taylor. Painted 1909.


 Where the ferns swagger

and the truth lilies blow, 
the torrents of the ocean gather, 
and the storm currents go.
_Emily Isaacson, The Fleur-de-lis

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                       "Then the garden of your soul will bloom . . ."


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