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released December 16!

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Emily's Best Poem

There was a garden for a mile

just for you and me;

sit with me for awhile,

while the lilies weave by the sea.


By the mossy shore, the ocean sighs,

where a covert cove hides,

its fingers upon the harpsichord;

resplendent is the light through the plank boards.


Wait with me for a tear

while I echo here—

spirits weaving a basket into a braid,

sit here, while I am afraid.


Read more of Emily Isaacson's "Last Words From A Weaver's Basket" here.

What inspires the poetry?


Emily Isaacson's poetry draws its inspiration from many sources, but one of her favourites is the medieval clothing company Armstreet. Visit Armstreet here.

If I Was Frost by Emily Isaacson

Poetry in Fashion





                       "Then the garden of your soul will bloom . . ."

Emily Isaacson, Poet

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