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Snowflake Princess

Snowflake Princess by Emily Isaacson

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This book of prose-poetry by Canadian poet Emily Isaacson is a tribute book.

This story is told in myth, but is inspired by a true story.

About the Book:

In Snowflake Princess, Ivory visits the grave of her mother Ebony, a young naturalist and poet. From the moment she was born, Ivory has always been her mother's Snowflake Princess, and when her mother is kept in the hospital, Ivory begins to realize that life is not what it seems.

Ivory's father, the philosopher, had been asking the deep questions of men and angels, and taking long walks around the lake with the naturalist as they conversed in poetry. When tragedy struck, they began to search both within and without for the Divine, redefining the meaning in suffering through poetry and symbolism.

In this time of life-changing martyrdom, will the naturalist leave her daughter Ivory and all she loves behind? Will there be an Ebony and Ivory gate into the spiritual realms? Or is it all a dream?

Emily Isaacson's tale in prose-poetry is both myth and tribute. This window into the human mind through the eyes of a young woman is a haunting tale of human survival, and the redemptive power of the will.

"Taking the painful tragedies of life and turning them into triumph, Emily Isaacson's colourful words dance off the pages and fill your heart with healing better than any physician."

                                    --Preston Bailey, Ph.D. Psychologist