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Clay Road

poetry of Emily Isaacson

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Photography by Emily Isaacson

If you love the rush of the open road, and the green expanse of countryside, you'll love Voetelle. It's scenic analog depictions of rural British Columbia, taken by Emily Isaacson, portray the natural surroundings from the forest to sea.

This book contains four years of photography exhibits.

$49.99  Paperback

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Emily's Photography

Emily Isaacson’s classic photography depicts the countryside and landscapes of the Fraser Valley and rural British Columbia. Her book spanning her portfolio of four years, released as a second edition in 2015, is entitled Voetelle. She can usually be found out in the open field or roadsides of the world doing a photo shoot.  

The gallery was founded in 2005, now known as The Clay Road Gallery to exhibit Emily's art, and scenic landscape photography. Isaacson enjoys the grain of natural, non-computer enhanced analog art medium, and was once found walking barefoot in the snow to capture a better photograph.