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poetry of Emily Isaacson


Poetry by Emily Isaacson 

Potter's House Press

Paperback    75 pages

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This collection highlights 58 distressed sonnets by Canadian poet Emily Isaacson. The publication of these early works detail her emergence as a writer of sonnets, a distinct and strict templative form. Her own genius adds to their complexity as she deviates from form on occasion to produce a reward to the eye and ear. Her sonnets are the practiced voice of the new millennium, with much to glean from.

With over a million visits to her websites by more than 45 countries, her poetry is as popular as Purdys Chocolatier -Sweet Georgia Browns.

--Purdys Chocolates



There was a light that burned upon the prow,

the figure of a woman in its mast,

in dark, the isle of drudgery was passed,

and ram-rod straight she stood with salted brow.

The moon reflected on her seeing eyes

that looked into the distance with constraint

the figurehead of politics restrained,

she was not fearful of their dreadful lies.

Unyielding at the storm of every task,

she sailed as ship ‘Restorer’ through each sea,

her silvered hair of wood hailed ocean’s lea,

the water lilies bowed for living last,

forgotten, starboard’s view of fading light:

today has gone, tomorrow will arise.


Emily Isaacson